How to Launch your WordPress Free

Have you been sitting on a gold mine of an idea for a blog or business?

Pricing plans that get thrown around might seem scary and out of budget but launching a website is free and I’ll tell you how.

Amazon Web Services not only host some of the websites you visit everyday they will custom tailor hosting for your ideas and you only pay if you get the traffic.

The first step to creating your website is to “launch an instance” under compute after signing up.

In a sense you’re already done you can now configure your site with WordPress or any other CMS you want to use.

Simply load up a Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from the AWS Marketplace

WordPress powered by BitNami

Once you select that you’ll be presented with a list of pricing plans simply ignore this and hit continue at the bottom.

We will be using a free-tier eligible t2.micro instance.

Click on t2.micro in the Type column (it should be the first one), then click Next: Configure Instance Details

On the following screens, click Next: Add Storage and then Next: Tag Instance

Enter Name in the Key box and WordPress in the Value box. Click Review and Launch to continue

After Launching select Proceed without a key pair, and check the box acknowledging that you know you need this key to access your EC2 instance via SSH terminal which we won’t be using.


Click Launch Instances to launch your instance.

Congratulations you can now connect with your public I.P listed under View Instance just copy and paste into your browser but first GET YOUR PASSWORD

How to edit your WordPress

Simply navigate to System Log

Find your password by scrolling down to something that looks like above surrounded by hashmarks

Copy this and open up your webpage with your public i.p with /admin after it


Username is user by default