How I ranked 3rd on Google for an ICO

Social Media Google Rank

10 months later my link still stands as the number 1 article on this ICO

You need the right information to appear on search engines. Your website will naturally be the epicenter of information on your project, but theres more you can do.

On-Site SEO

This tweet might be a bit harsh, but its the truth and not what I want to cover with you because there are a million guides on how to write image alt tags and submit your site maps to Google.

Off-Site SEO is what will drive users to your website

You NEED great copy and even better analytics in order to track your KPI’s success as a small business.

So, in order to achieve some form of traffic initially, we rely on quality organic content and visuals.

What you need in order to rank are Key Words

An article I wrote in March 8th 2018

#Blockchain is a competitive field and informing investors on what’s going on with a project is important because of the volatility of it. I screenshotted these search results 10 months after writing and publishing this article. Yet it still ranks.

In truth, it was one of my earlier pieces and I might as well go back and edit out some of the general mistakes that myself and younger analyst made in the space. Without even reading it I could tell you that it’s probably full of speculation and errors.

Why did this rank?

It answers a simple question in a few ways.

  • Quality medium length information
  • Ripe keywords for the taking
  • Backlinks

That just about sums it up. The article although written by a younger version of myself is an informative one when visitors view it they don’t get scared off immediately by spammy promotions or anything. All I did at the time was translate the whitepaper into simpler terms and talk about its use cases.

Title: Unbanking the World : What is Telcoin?

There are two parts to this medium post in its name. Something interesting and Something that’ll Rank. I swear I just got lucky at the time but it taught me a few lessons that took some time to figure out.

The first part benefitted me in that it received some interest on Twitter at the time and although I previously had posted it to a now-defunct blog called #fiatisflat and the article got around 2000 unique visitors and maybe just under 30 likes and a few retweets netting maybe a couple thousand impressions.

If somethings not adding up then there’s hope for you. Although I had published it to twitter with a photo of a giraffe (because… Africa?) which ended up being my top ranking hashtag ironically enough. No, I didn’t write the worlds greatest social media post and get close to 100% engagement. I put in the extra effort to post it too the right subreddits. In fact, it didn’t even get ranked too well on Reddit. I’ve had posts go slightly viral and rank on top of subreddits for days, but this did not.

What it did achieve, is gaining interest, it was about remittance something that was trending at the time and luckily enough got posted to the right subreddits in order to not only stick but stick out just enough.

What did we learn?

Well, one thing is I didn’t major in journalism and this isn’t some humble brag. In fact, it’s not a popular search term and the poor thing sits at 6 claps. What likely also isn’t popular yet if you’re reading this, is your startup or next affiliate project. So ask yourself…

What would people google about my project, or what would be interesting and related enough to link back to my project? In the case of this medium post, it was a number of things.

Interest > Remittance

Question > What is … ?

Keywords > Telcoin, Blockchain, Remittance, Giraffe

Quality Backlinks > Subreddits, Twitter, Facebook

Thanks for reading through, if you found any of this useful or simply want that high ranking giraffe image to be sent to you follow me on my blogortwitter!

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